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Brass Tacks Introduction

This blog is about what I have learned and experienced during my long time here on this planet, because I have been paying attention, and I do have some insights that might contribute to your life - and which you may even find interesting. They won’t all be serious philosophical letters but will be peppered from time to time with anecdotes and appropriate comments about life on this increasingly complicated but fascinating world. I would like to emphasize that you consider the ideas I present and evaluate and explore them using your own intellect and reason, rather than the source - which is typically me borrowing from my own experience and reason, and often from others who have written before me and whose ideas I subscribe to. To quote Dylan Thomas, “Do not go blindly into the night, but rage, rage against the dying of the light!” Use your intelligence to separate truth and validity from bullshit and nonsense so that you can live a life based on reason and common sense tempered by your spirit.


My purpose is not to necessarily convince you of my ideas and viewpoints, but to arouse your imagination into taking a fresh look at some old, some new, questions and problems.


Anyone who has tried writing for a living knows it is a hard, lonely trail to follow that takes time and effort to accomplish. I will try to write about subjects you suggest to me and to answer emails you send me. If you like what I am doing, please forward my Brass Tacks blog to your friends. I promise to keep writing as often and interestingly as I can, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks, and please enter with an open mind. Please click on the "Brass Tacks Blog" link to go to the blog and also please read Chapter 1, Questions and Answers first, it is key to the rest of my blogs.

In the mean time, please tell your friends!

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