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A Business Plan is more than a necessary document for raising money, it is a comprehensive road map to the successful implementation of a business project. Written and presented properly it provides a growth and development plan for three to five years that is an invaluable tool for management to assess the progress of a project or a business.

Why should you get a third party to prepare your Business Plan?

Because a capable and experienced consultant brings an unbiased viewpoint to your project that can not only expose weaknesses in your concept, but can introduce fresh ideas and approaches based on years of experience and knowledge.

Working with a consultant to prepare and finalize your Business Plan will clarify and refine your project, get the bugs out, and ensure that there are no embarrassing lapses to be discovered by your banker, venture capitalist or business managers.

Preparing an effective Plan also requires an ability to write clearly and concisely, to utilize graphics effectively and to package the entire document in an attractive and compelling presentation.

While an essential aspect of a Business Plan is the accurate financial analysis and projections, the rest of the document is even more important. It must tell the story and generate the interest and excitement of potential investors and managers, otherwise the financial aspects become irrelevant. Business plans prepared by many accounting firms and financial advisors tend towards being heavy on numbers and light on marketing and impact. Accountants are trained in number crunching, not marketing and motivation.

Our belief is that your accountant should evaluate, validate and correct the financial projections, but the design and production of the Plan should be left to professional designers and writers.

I have been preparing complete Business Plans and Feasibility Studies for decades and have refined the process to where I can produce an attractive,  comprehensive and effective document economically and rapidly. I have developed a template that is particularly appealing to venture capitalists and busy financial consultants, and it is applicable to small projects and businesses as well as those involving millions of dollars.

The Consulting aspect of my service ensures that your Business Plan is tested and complete by the time it is finished, and you can be secure in the knowledge that it will do the job it was prepared for. 

For a no obligation consultation, please e-mail me at

Here are a few samples of Business Plans I have completed in recent years.  The contents are confidential, however, they are available for viewing in my office along with many more.

Some more recent Business Plans
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 Inquiries, please contact

Mike Holt:

250 889-0511

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

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