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Many legal documents, including franchise  documents are basic and quite standardized. When you get a lawyer to prepare a legal document for you chances are he will take a boilerplate document and just change the names and some details that are particular to your situation. There's nothing wrong with doing this of course, it is just standardizing the formats. The point I am making is that I can do the same thing  with many documents and at a fraction of the fees that law firms charge. My suggestion is that I prepare the basic document for you with all the pertinent information in it, then you take it to a lawyer and have him edit and make any necessary revisions to satisfy the requirements of the document. Here are a few I have done.

USSA Agr.jpg
Patent Appl.jpg
eurectec ipo.jpg

 Inquiries, please contact

Mike Holt:

250 889-0511

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

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