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Michael Holt's Bio


After attending College Militaire Royal, in St. Jean, Quebec, I started a career as a draughtsman that spanned over a couple of decades.

During that period I advanced to senior draughtsman and assistant engineer levels and worked in many different industries including

Aeronautical Engineering

Marine Engineering 

Naval Architecture 

Pulp and Paper Plant Design 

Mining and Materials Handling 

Forestry Engineering and Equipment Design 

Electronic Technology and Engineering 

Architectural Design

During this period I became increasingly interested in Technical Illustrating, a natural

offshoot of design drafting.

I spent many years creating highly accurate and detailed illustrations for the federal government and various industrial clients.

This experience allied itself with writing clear, accurate and easily understood technical documents associated with my illustrations and other engineering work.

Finally, I started my own company, and subsequently have been involved in producing technical and corporate documents that cover the whole spectrum of writing,

illustrating and design. 

A large part of my early work involved engineering and design work in the forestry and mining industries in British Columbia, and later in the recycling industry in California and Europe, and the electronics and software industries in Canada.

I recently completed the writing and preparation of software development documentation (to IEEE standards) in the medical/mental health/community services field.

I am also currently producing Business Plans, Franchise, IPO and other legal documents, Reports and Proposals and a variety of advertising and marketing materials.

A few years ago I got involved in the arena of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

I have written two books on the subject which have been published by

Elsevier Press of Oxford, England for world-wide distribution, 
I also worked with a client to create the company Policies and Procedures Manual which, when complete and with a maintenance and monitoring system in place,

will bring the company into SOX compliance.

My experience in other areas besides engineering, such as the military, as a shipwright and building contractor, in business start-ups and development, and in sales and marketing help to provide the broad background of knowledge and experience required to produce corporate and technical documents relating to a wide variety of subjects. 

My specialty lies in my ability to take complex and specialized concepts, documents and proposals, and present them in a clear, attractive and easily understood manner.

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