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Writing Technical Manuals, whether they are Operator Manuals, Maintenance, Training, Service, or Installation manuals, requires the ability to write (and illustrate) clearly, concisely and accurately. Anyone who has read and tried to follow an Asian or other foreign manual understands what it is like when these rules aren't followed! An incorrect or inadequate manual can not only result in damage to the machinery and injuries to the operators, it can result in serious lawsuits if it can be shown that inadequate documentation contributed to any problems.

With a broad background in many different industries and businesses I am capable of writing technical manuals on any subject or equipment. My lack of familiarity with a particular project is an asset in that it demands that I approach the project with an open mind, no preconceived ideas or information, and with a clear need to cover every aspect to ensure that a customer or operator has everything needed to operate the machine or software efficiently and safely.

If a manual already exists, I can edit and rework it as necessary to produce a clear, well written and illustrated document that can not only protect the company and the customer, but reduce the time and costs of providing customer service. I am like your "Beta Tester". Manuals run all the way from single sheet instructions to the full suite of manuals (ICHMIS) written to IEEE standards. The CANCAR manual shown is just one of over twenty manuals written for every piece of equipment manufactured by this company.

Clarity  *  Accuracy  *  Readabilty  *  

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 Inquiries, please contact

Mike Holt:

250 889-0511

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

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